High Fat Diets Are Only Dangerous if…

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So I know you have heard that high-fat diets are bad for you—that they’re very dangerous. But in reality, high-fat diets are only dangerous if you are combining them with sugar. There’s a term I want to introduce you to it’s called glycation. What is glycation? What’s happening is you’re bonding sugar to fat or protein. When you consume sugar with protein or sugar with fat, you create glycation. As in deep-fried french fries, barbecue ribs, doughnuts— you’re combining a carbohydrate with sugar, meat with sugar, pure carbohydrate with fat, and you cook it. When you do this, you create AGEs or Advanced Glycation End Products.

Now, what is that? That is a compound that gives you very sticky protein. They make the arteries stiffer, they clog things up, they create inflammation, and they age the body. They’re involved in many degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, liver disease, alzheimer’s, heart disease, and kidney disease.

Now the two things that can create this effect are the combination of sugar with either protein or fat when it’s cooked, or if you’re consuming these separately at the same time—the body heat will create that situation. So, if you avoid sugar, you have nothing to worry about.

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