Body Makeover – How to Fight Your battle Against the Worst 21st Century Disease

body makeove programDon’t you think it is time for your body makeover?

Fighting your body and belly fat is like a little war and many people are losing it on all fronts…

Don’t be the next loser!

The reason why they lose is simple: they lack the successful method to make that damn fat disappear little by little…

If you’re in this condition and you can’t lose any weight, please stay optimistic…

The solution is there, just read below and you will have at your disposal all the information you need to finally be able to control your body and make it lose weight. And in a substantial way!

Don’t worry too much if you feel like you’re at the mercy of your body right now, this will soon change…

A Modern Disease

Remember that you are not alone at all, millions of people share your problem, being fat or overweight is a “disease” of modern times.

It is probably the disease and in the future, posterity will look back to the 21st century with a smirk and say:

“What the heck were those people thinking? They willfully destroyed their bodies and cut 20 years off their life span. Couldn’t they see what was happening to them?”

It seems impossible but a lot of people don’t realize they are in serious danger because of their overweight until they have some serious illness.

They just don’t see the risk of carrying 20 or 30 pounds (or much more!) of weight for years and years.

It is a really big mistake to ignore the problem of overweight, whether it is due to ignorance or carelessness.

This physical condition can have a lot of negative consequences for your health! Difficult breathing, back pain, varicose veins in the legs are common diseases in overweight people.

Excessive fat, especially abdominal fat, damages the proper functioning of various internal organs and can even put them down!

It is not just an aesthetic issue, a fat belly is a threat to your health!

What can you do then? What can you give?

What can you do if you’ve been carrying a dangerous bacon/bellie around for years?

How can you start defending your health and your internal organs from that insane fat that, by the way, keeps growing?

What is the best method?

The No Excuses “Body Makeover Program”

How about get yourself a body makeover?

body makeoverThat is what Carolyn Hansen is suggesting.

She has just set up her fat loss membership program that she calls:

The No Excuses Body Makeover Program”.

She not only offers tips from an ebook, she also offers you an overall strategy to win your battle against excess fat!

A system that helps you create a successful mindset, the one you’ve most likely missed so far.

If you see that your strategy against excessive fat is not working, you will be helped and encouraged all the time.

You will be helped to build your ideal weight loss program, both by the author of the method and members of the private section.

The “Body Makeover Program”: A program that works!

So if you have decided that you absolutely want to win your fight against fat, you have no excuse at all, you should visit Carolyn’s website and learn more about the No Excuses Body Makeover Program.

You will be helped to create an effective plan of attack against fat with all the tools/knowledge necessary for the final victory. You’ll have plenty of reinforcements (like in a real battle…) to really do it.

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Body Makeover & Peer Pressure

body makeover programBeing influenced by a community of people with the same problem to lose weight?

Doesn’t that sound like a great idea?

Don’t you think it would help you a lot to be part of a group of people who take care of their bodies in an intelligent way?

It seems like it would…

However, there are also scientific studies that support this view.

It has been shown that people who are committed to losing weight on their own do not achieve the same results as those who join forces with others.

Some research even shows that attempts to lose weight together with other people have twice as much chance of success as isolated attempts.

The difference, as you can see, is enormous!

All this explains why nowadays there are more and more weight loss programs shared on the web. TV also plays its part with programs like “The Biggest Loser”.

In this program you can see how fantastic results can be achieved if you are part of a group motivated towards the goal of losing weight.

It’s simply a matter of sharing responsibility that also works in other aspects of life.

Obviously your ultimate success also depends on the quality of the program you follow.

This is especially true in the long term, when you have to resist the “fat counteroffensive”, if we can call it that…

If you want to succeed, you have to have the correct information, all the correct information…

If even one is missing, it will be difficult to maintain your ideal weight for a long time.

There are 3 crucial aspects to take into consideration in order to be in perfect physical shape:

– correct nutrition
– appropriate exercises and movement
– global mentality

Experts synthesize it all in the 3M: metabolism, movement, mind…

They are all essential elements for ultimate success. Carolyn Hansen has put them all into the “No Excuses Body Makeover Program” which aims to bring people back to the ideal physical shape they were in when they were young.

It’s not just a guide to how to lose weight, it’s a very effective advanced wellness system built over time, little by little.

So you won’t be overwhelmed by too much information and health activities to do…

This will ensure that the progress achieved is lasting and not just a few months…

By subscribing to the site you will receive regular emails to keep you on track and you will have access to the forum where she will answer all your questions.

Here you will also find motivated people who explore all the meanders of well-being and can give you advice that you can’t find anywhere else.

And you won’t just be a number, if you want to participate in the forum, you’ll be a known and listened to person. You’ll make a lot of friends, for sure!

If you really want to rebuild your body shape at its best, you should go and get to know the “No Excuses Body Makeover Program” better.

You can do it in extreme peace of mind because you will be protected by the money back guarantee that accompanies the program.

If, in fact, within 7 days of purchase, you decide that you don’t like this slimming method or it is not suitable for you, you will receive your money back, without problems…..

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body makover cardBody Makeover & Mindset

What is the most decisive factor in the fight against fat? Mind, movement or metabolism?

From what was said before, you shouldn’t have any difficulty in giving the correct answer: all 3 are crucial!

Buthow often do fitness experts ever bring up this topic in their courses?

Very rarely…

They are much more likely to tell you about the last miracle food that will make you lose weight overnight.

Or there will be some unknown herb, used in some ancient civilization, which will have exceptional slimming power on your body

Unfortunately, all this will not help you, even if it were true.

Any miraculous food will not be able to eliminate the effects of all the calories that you will have ingested in your daily meals.

You need more: you must learn the basics of healthy and correct nutrition and start the 3 fundamental engines for your physical well-being:

  • the right nutrition

  • proper exercise

  • adequate mental state

and the last one is by far the most important, much more than you ever thought …

In practice, if the correct state of mind is lacking, it is likely that your whole weight loss endeavor ends up in nothing.

It often happens that people start out with the best possible mental attitude, but then end up passively following a diet that is doomed to fail.

So when the diet ends and the weight returns, they lose their hours and try another method of losing weight, perhaps with more skepticism this time.

If they fail again there will be a little voice inside them that will say:

“You failed again. I don’t think you’re really able to do it, you’re missing something fundamental to succeed. Maybe you should just stop trying…”

Some people, maybe, still won’t listen to the little voice and start another diet.

But it’s gonna get harder and harder because when they finish the new diet, the fat will come back and win again.

Little by little the winning mentality that they had at the time of the first diet will crumble until they give up any attempt to lose weight for good.

And then what? What happens next? They’ll lose all their hope of losing weight. Even if someone presents them the best weight loss strategy on a silver platter, they will give up because previous failed attempts have burned their mindset.

In a word, they won’t give up on losing weight!

That’s why Carolyn Hansen’s program, “No Excuses Body Makeover Program”, works on the mindset in the same way as it does on diet and nutrition. If you subscribe to the site, you will receive the necessary motivation through a series of emails that will keep you on the piece.

And the forum will also have its part to play in encouraging you! Click here, if you really want to, strongly, change the shape of your body and bring it back to the splendor of your youth…

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Body Makeover & Workouts

Basically, we are not able to properly plan our lives in order to lose weight. Nowadays this is almost an epic feat…


Someone has created a method that creates the conditions for success. That’s what Carlyn Hansen did.

Simply put, we eat too much and move too little.

So it won’t be enough to do some exercise, it will take more than that.

First of all, you have to do the correct exercises. Many people do them completely wrong and for this reason they don’t see results, especially in the long run.

Carolyn also says that she made the same mistake for over ten years, following the recommendations of the various fitness coaches.

Very often, these “wellness gurus” offer low-impact cardio exercises. According to Carolyn, they don’t work at all.

Here are Carolyn’s words:

I’ve come to do dozens of cardio sessions a week, becoming an aerobics instructor. Finally one day I saw that none of my clients were losing weight, even after months or years of attending my classes.

Fitness experts are convinced that cardio exercises stimulate the metabolism, but that’s not absolutely the case. What really stimulates the metabolism is muscle building workouts.

But it’s not just the wrong exercises that make weight loss difficult…

What makes us fail in our attempts is our mental programming, the habit of underestimating the signals that come to us, the willingness to ignore that we will have health problems if we do not take immediate action.

Our minds have been programmed that way for millions of years…

It’s our mind that doesn’t alarm us when we’re piling on pounds upon pounds of fat…

It’s always our mind that makes us unable to react to this health-dangerous situation…

Unfortunately, we will do so when it is perhaps too late.

This is a fundamental argument, if you want to know (and understand!) more go and check out the “No Excuses Body Makeover Program”.

Carolyn is convinced that there is a way around the wrong programming of our mind and it is very simple:

Be constantly warned that the mind

will undo your efforts to lose weight!

So, to be constantly warned that your health is fundamental and you must act at all times to preserve it there is an exceptional tool:

A community of people who are aware of the problem and who help each other to stay on the ball when it comes to caring for their bodies.

The method is not merely compiled inside an ebook: the system devised by Carolyn is based on a series of emails sent to you over several months, 

This way she can better share with you her knowledge accumulated over years and years of personal fitness coaching.

And you can better assimilate the various concepts, little by little, without being overwhelmed by too much theoretical knowledge to learn.

If you think it’s a good approach, visit Carolyn’s website now and check her method named “No Excuses Body Makeover Program”.

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body makeover

Body Makeover: Before & After


Body Makeover & Food Journal

Is it ever possible to double your weight loss results simply by keeping a diary?

Just by recording what you eat?

This thesis, which at first glance seems excessive, is confirmed by a study conducted at the Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon.

1700 overweight men and women were followed over a period of 20 weeks.

These people were trying to lose weight.

They were divided into two groups and only one of these two groups was required to keep a food diary.

At the end of the research the results were amazing: those who had kept a food diary had lost twice as much weight (18 pounds)!

But why does this simple trick work so well?

It’s very simple: recording what you eat constantly reminds you that you have an important goal and your mind will adjust accordingly.

The key word here is Accountability!

It is necessary to succeed and lose weight in a substantial and permanent way.

You can find instructions for keeping your food diary on carolyn’s website: “No Excuses Body Makeover Program”.

Community members receive constant encouragement to keep the diary, at least for the first few weeks when they try to change their eating habits.

Slowly, but surely, this seemingly simple ploy is decisive on the road to body makeover!

After keeping your food journal for a few weeks, you’ll see food differently.

At the supermarket you will stop putting certain types of food in the shopping cart.

You will no longer accept calorie-filled food that your friends and colleagues will offer you at parties.

Your mind, little by little, will understand that not all foods are the same and that the origin of the calories, not only their quantity, is very important.

If you want to participate in the community put together by Carolyn visit “No Excuses Body Makeover Program”.

Remember: you can join a group of motivated and conscious people who “know” how to make a superb body makeover.

And don’t forget that you’ll have the help of a super expert like Carolyn, for months and months in your email…

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