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Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance

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Add dietary guidance to your list of training services.

Diet and nutrition are important to fitness and overall wellness. Learn how to help all your clients develop healthy eating habits based on their individual needs and goals.

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Why become a Weight Management & Athletic Performance Instructor?

As a personal trainer, you have an advanced understanding of the role that exercise plays in health and sports. However, developing a safe and effective workout is only part of the equation. The foods a client eats and the supplements they take also play a critical role in their ability to achieve their personal and professional sports goals.

In this Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance course, you will learn foundational nutrition principles and how to apply them to your individual clients. Whether you specialize in training new moms who want to lose their baby weight or your client list includes some of the world’s top athletes, the knowledge that you gain in this course will prepare you to create personalized diet plans that take into account the client’s nutritional needs while also helping them meet their health and fitness goals.


What You'll Learn From This Course

This Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance course teaches personal trainers how to help clients eat in a way that meets their nutritional needs while working toward their weight-related and athletic performance goals. Upon completing this level 4 nutrition course, you will:

  • Understand basic anatomy and physiology, and how they relate to a person’s nutritional needs, both collectively as humans and on a more individual basis

  • Know how human metabolism works, and the role it plays in determining the appropriate calorie intake for achieving energy balance

  • Have a deeper knowledge of the role that both macro and micronutrients play in health, weight management, and athletic performance, and how the body uses these nutrients

  • Gain insight into the most common diets in the market today, how these eating plans work, and the effects they often have on those who choose to follow them

  • Learn about nutritional supplements, when they may and may not be needed, which ones are illegal, and what science says about their effectiveness for athletes and weight loss

  • Recognize how food allergies and intolerances can negatively impact clients, highlighting the importance of creating a diet that limits or avoids these items

  • Be able to create personalized dietary plans for clients of all fitness levels based on national food guidelines, along with the client’s individual goals and nutritional needs

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Your New Career as a Weight Management & Athletic Performance Instructor Starts Here

By offering nutritional guidance services, you can help clients approach their goals from directions that extend beyond exercise and engaging in the right physical activity. This provides them with a more comprehensive training program, improving their results while teaching them how to create healthy eating habits that they can sustain for life.

You can use the information gained from this Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance course to add more value to your current personal training packages. Or you might offer dietary planning as an additional service that can be purchased a la carte, providing an additional revenue stream for your personal training business.

Both options can help contribute to your business success, also reinforcing that you are a full-service trainer who is committed to helping your clients with all their health and fitness needs.

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Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance

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